Monday, February 22, 2010

Mujer 2000 Project

I have not been a huge fan of cooking, but I am a huge fan of eating , especially Dominican food. Ever since I came back from vacation back in September from Dominican Republic, I can't stop eating Dominican food thanks to my friends' moms Angela and Zulnilda who cooked some good ass meals during my stay.
I have been trying to find the food with the same taste from local restaurants up in the North Bronx but unfortunately there isn't any good food up here. Tons of restaurants but no good food. Just last week , while @ the "heartbreak hotel" for a few days, one of my besties (Alicia) cooked her ass off and fed me and the other guests. This inspired me to learn how to cook and to stop buying nasty food off the streets. I decided to use the Mujer 2000 cookbooks because that is what my mom has been using for as long since I can remember and the lady can cook! The Mujer 2000 series has 3 volumes. The first Volume went into print in the 70's and it has not been out of print since. It is THE Dominican cook book. I haven't heard of a Dominican household that does not have it. The top Dominican cooks have used these books to learn the basics of Dominican cooking.
The book is in the Spanish language , therefore I will need to translate it. In addition to the translation , I will add the cost of the meal, amount of servings and the duration of time it takes to make the meal.
This project is kind of like the Julia/ Julie project (which I have yet to check out the movie, must do soon) . You can see all of my cooking adventures right here on .

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