Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Just wrapped up this life changing book by Kelly Cutrone , the founder of People's Revolution (a public relations, marketing and branding firm). I say life changing instead of amazing because I know that after reading this book I now have a new awareness to add to what I have been becoming aware of through life.
Kelly's story was very inspirational to me. I read this book in 2 nights, faster than I have read a book in a long time. It was the manner in which she spoke to me as if telling me, "This is how it is and I am not going to cover it in fucking roses". Exactly the way I like to be spoken to; the truth , just as it is. This book was what I had to read right now. I totally interrupted The Celestine Prophecy to read this book. The Celestine Prophecy is about how coincidences in life lead you to your destiny. In other words, we can call this Serendipity. My new favorite word.
It was meant for me to read this book right now. I have been watching Kell on Earth religiously since the first episode. I remember watching The Hills and telling myself "who is this powerful woman?" every time the camera focused on Kelly. I just did not know how to "rule the world" like her. The past few days have been coincidences after coincidences with Kelly Cutrone . I Googled Kelly to find her story and there was nothing. I did find her on FB and Twitter. Right before I found her I had twittered about how hot I thought her baby daddy was. On Facebook I had to let her know that she was my idol. Guess what ? She responded to both.
I could not believe it, my first thought was that an intern probably responded but my gut feeling was telling me that it was her. I just thought to myself " wow , she's totally down to earth. Not everyone will take time out like that to respond to some total stranger." ( BTW I was right. Kelly does mention in her book that she tries to respond to her messages personally.) That's when I did a little more research, found out about the book and ordered it for pick up at my nearest Barnes and Noble.
I want to work for myself and run a really successful business. The route I have been going, was only going to get me half way there. I needed that extra umph. This book was my umph.
It's funny how Kelly mentions creating a new religion for yourself. I had no idea, until now, that this is what I have been doing all along. For this past year , I have been working on finding myself and to figure out a way to work for myself on my own time and at the same time make a living. I have been reading books like A New Earth, The Power of now, The secret, and Celestine Prophecy. I am a strong believer in astrology and I do believe that things happen for a reason. I have also been interested in reading about Saraswati one of the Hindu Goddesses because she reflects who I am perfectly. and look... it's all working out for me.
I want to take this time and thank Kelly Cutrone for writing this book. This is one life out of many that she has changed.

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Marlyn said...

So you have me completely intrigued I actually watched the show because of you the other day so now I am gonna have to get the book!!! lol