Thursday, February 18, 2010

Me? I dont have a big ego.

I announce most of what I am feeling on my private Facebook and Twitter pages. Chances are that many of my followers are thinking ,"TMI". I feel that it is not TMI. If I do not think it is, then why should anyone? I like writing about my feelings to let others know , they aren't alone when they feel the same way. I feel like those that never speak about their feelings most likely want to appear a certain way in front of the "public". That is called "not keeping it real".

This is where the whole ego thing comes in. Some people are so much about their ego that they utterly miss out on what their role in life is. They are so busy trying to be someone they are not to get the approval of society. Yeah, they may seem untroubled, but those are the same people that wake up dreading to get out of bed each morning.

Through out my time off from the "real world" , almost a year and a half now. I have carried out my life in a way that is not considered “the norm”. (Please remember that this is me we're talking about , and in no way, shape or form am I telling you to quit your 9-5). Like every other human, I thought that a 9-5 was what I was supposed to do. I was miserable.

Being laid off gave me a new lease on life to find myself and to know what makes me happy. In a year and a half I have had the time to start my own jewelry company, work and learn the night life business (which means that if I wanted to open up a club one day, I could if I want to- definitely not in my plans though) , go on tour for a month with my bestie's band, travel some more, go to the beach whenever I felt like it, start my book, and a couple of other projects i’ll keep on the hush right now. You would think I was making lots of money. I don’t care about money. All these things have made me a much happier person because those are things I love to do. If i can keep doing this for the rest of my life, trust me that I would.

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pianca said...

yes, yes, yessss... Share ur story... because sometimes your story is more about the truth behind the story than YOU!