Sunday, September 11, 2011

Review: Miss Jessie's Rapid Recovery Treatment

Used this Miss Jessie's on my hair for the second time today. The first time I tried it was the Saturday I was stuck at home because of Hurricane Irene. I did not follow directions fully at that time. You are supposed to leave it in your hair for 30 minutes while in the shower. The heat from the shower is what makes it work. With my luck, we did not have enough warm water that day. So I wasted some product. Yesterday I tried it again and my hair was more silky and shiny than usual. My curls bounced back with more definition and let me not forget how great my hair smelled. I got this travel sized tub at Ricky's for about $8.99 and can be used up to three times (once a week). The big tub is $50.00 . I will absolutely invest in the big tub for next time.

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