Friday, August 28, 2009


WOW... Yeah... here I am once again sitting in complete shock. Some crazy final destination shit. When you have to go you have to go, right? I wish death was an easy thing to take , but unfortunately it's not. DJ AM was a great DJ and I am glad I got to experience his work once in my life time. I called it my Best DJ moment. I have the worst memory, especially when it comes to a DJ playing a set. I am sure I wasn't the only one that remembers "smack your bitch up... and live your life eheh eheh eheh" that night in February @ Mansion NYC , right around the whole Rihanna and Chris Brown Drama. I went Crazy! 'Til this day every time I here either song , I think of the other one right away. That is what I call awesome work! He had Mansion dancing non stop like a DJ is supposed to. It's a moment I will never forget . I feel like heaven is having a party with all these talented people leaving the world. One lesson from all of those who we have lost is : Life is too short... Live your dream.
This news immediately put me into deep thoughts. How many of us are living our dreams? I know I mentioned this before and i'll mention it again. It makes me sad when some friends of mine tell me "I wish I could be more like you and do what I want to do." I keep telling them "im just doing what makes me happy, and you can do the same too. Life is too short to be miserable." But they don't go through with it and and stay miserable. I learned from a young age , from loosing young people close to me in such a short period of time, that death does not discriminate. You're here today and gone tomorrow... how sad would it be if you never attempted to follow your dreams? Think about this .
All of these people that have been passing this summer all had a chance to live their dreams and they went for it. Sad that they are no longer part of this world but they will always live on in all of our hearts because they followed their dreams and were able to expose their out of this world talent. I am a true believer that everyone has a talent of their own. It takes passion to bring it out. Look inside you. What are you passionate about? Take your passion and work from there toward your dreams... I don't want to hear that you can't anymore.


sP said...

as i do respect his work, and am deeply sorry for his death.. someone who dies of a drug overdose committed suicide.. and i can't mourn someone who took their own life due to flamboyant and excessive living.. this also goes for any other celebrity that has taken their own life, (ana nicole, elvis, etc..)

BuzyGurl said...

For some reason , I dont think he intended to die.