Friday, August 21, 2009

Question in my mind :

Lately I have been bothered more than usual by those that can not be alone. They are in a relationship as soon as the last one ends, not giving themselves time to get to know themselves. That's when I asked myself: Would I rather be the girl that ALWAYS has a boyfriend , or the girl that is ALWAYS single? I also asked my social network, here are a few answers from Twitter and Facebook:
"I would just rather be happy, even if that meant being single. More important to take good care of yourself because in the end you are all you have!"

"I rather have a man by my side that loves me no matter what, will teach me something new everyday, will always be a rock for me when i'm down, will be the friend I never knew I could have, will be all I wanted in me and more to me in my own eyes... coming home to that man, eating dinner, and waking up to that man, those are the happiest moments I remember feeling full of life. my heart always felt love"

"Single because you dont have to worry about anyone or worry about wasting your money lol so you save hahaaa!"

"Mejor sola que mal acompanda... At least I'll have my options open."

"Single baby....... i surely miss my single life :( para andar atras de lo pepe, pepeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Single but is always nice to have some1 : )"

"neither! how about single and dating a few."

"are those the only two options? Lol... I'd rather be the girl that just is/ has ... Love."

a girl that's always single but has people to fool around with ;-) yeah I said it...lets keep this real people!"

I would rather be the girl that is always single!!
Here are a couple of answers from guys:
"Always single ... bcuz gals that always hv bf's need a man to validate themselves and that's not wassup atleast to me !And its usually self esteem or Daddy issues !!"

"Both types have incredible issues for the fact that they ALWAYS have to have either."

My Thoughts:

I rather be the girl that is always single. If you can't be alone at all , you're not loving yourself as much as you're supposed to. You need to love yourself in excess so that you have extra love to give to someone else when you are ready.

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