Friday, June 26, 2009


When I heard on Twitter I turned on the TV and searched the net right away. I was confused. I believed MJ died and then I didn't until CNN confirmed . They were the last to confirm. I felt weak, broke out in cold sweat and cried a few tears. My sister'swho are 4 and 5 years younger than me didn't understand why I reacted that way. I honestly did not think I would've reacted the way I did. Our generation experienced something really special. Unlike my sisters I was a Michael Jackson fan since I could remember. My dad would buy me stickers, books, magazines, records, anything that had to do with MJ, my dad would bring it home for me. My favorite song was BAD. Everytime I hear it , I am taken back to my 4th bday party . When that was all I wanted to hear. That was all my parents would play for me ,on a reg day at home, I was an addict for BAD.

This kind of grievance has also been an experience. We are grieving and celebrating his life with the world. It's not just with our family and close friends. While others are over it. There are other's out there like myself who are still in disbelief. Who woke up this morning and asked themselves "did that really happen? Is he really gone?" It's ok for us to feel this way and it's ok for others to not. We all loved and appreciated MJ on all different levels. I know someone who's even a bigger fan than I am, and I know for sure that she must be feeling it more than I am. For some he was just Michael Jackson and for others he was an Idol, a Legend, an inspiration, someone we would turn to , to make us feel good. MJ's music always made me feel good. and it still will. My mind goes blank and I just enjoy the moment without thinking of anything but the song and taking in that moment. I am asking that you respect the feelings of others. You may have not felt the same about him but to the majority of us he will always be kept close to our hearts.

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