Monday, June 22, 2009

Dear Diary:

A couple of nights ago I was at work speaking to one of my co-workers. She was telling me about The Secret . She had just finished watching the movie and felt like her life was changing already. The next morning as I was searching for a book to buy my dad the first thing that popped under the search was The Secret. I did a little research. I ordered the movie through Netflix and dragged my family to Barnes and Nobles with me before Father's day dinner. I started reading it as soon as I got into the car and started applying some of "the secret" to my life right away. One thing I decided to do was to not sympathize or agree with complaints. The truth is that The more complaining you do and the more you surround yourself with people who complain, you will attract more things to complain about. I really feel great and a lot of good has been coming my way. Here is a 20 minute clip from The Secret:

Just now I started reading my 2009 horoscope book which I used to read every morning. I need to get back into that habit. My horoscope for last Friday reads:
Although you may appear to be a big time party animal, at heart you may actually be a workaholic, which could be running your life right now. If you have allowed negative habits to become all-consuming, acting now to discard unhealthy practices can be rewarding. Your willpower and motivation to stick with a plan are strong.

Sunday's Horoscope reads:
The resources of other people , financial security , and romantic encounters are emphasized throughout the next four weeks, with forward progress being made in these areas.

Today's horoscope reads:

Positve cosmic patterns outnumber unhelpful influences as this new working week begins.

I'll keep you posted on how my life is going living by "the secret".

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