Sunday, June 21, 2009

Putting you on to some Dominican Music

As I was walking to the door of our apartment I was listening to the loud music my upstairs neighbor had on. I swore it was an old playero song because of the beat. Then my sister started chanting " PEPE PEPE." I was like "WTF is that ?" "You don't know about 'PEPE?'" She tuned me in by showing me this You tube video:

This took place in DR. (yes this is how some of us get down in DR. Parties in the streets all day everyday) I couldn't believe the reaction to this song. The truth is that it is not saying much, but yet it's a hit and it makes you want to do the "PEPE" dance. I didn't even know there was a "PEPE" dance. I just started dancing to it and it just happened that I started moving to the beat the same way everyone else was. It just came naturally to me. So i started clicking around You tube and found the video:

I still don't understand what the song is about, but I still want to dance to it. Like I said earlier the beat reminds me of Playero music I would dance to at high school hookie parties or the usual house parties. I have realized that this beat is coming back again with a different name: Dembow. Two more songs that are hot right now are :


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