Tuesday, June 9, 2009

" The Last"

I have been an Aventura fan from the beginning. I am a fan of great music, especially music I can relate to and feel in my heart. From the beginning I have fallen head over heels for all of Aventura's songs. Sometimes I sing at the top of my lungs and other times I just sit back and take it all in while reminising on my past and thinking about my present, as I am doing now. "The Last" is a great album. With words like "Dile al amor que no toque mi puerta" and "me fui de vacaciones lejos de los amores" I can't resist playing it over and over. I mean , that is not how I feel at the moment , but I there was a time when I did feel like that and the song Dile Al Amor expressed exactly how I once felt. These guys did it to me again. They've kept it how it has been from the beginning but with a little bit of spice, for example the merengue song and Henry's voice :o). Here I am @ 2:13am hooked , I might even fall asleep listening to "The Last". There hasn't been a song from these guys that I've ever skipped. I want front seat tickets for their concert! This Album is a must . Go get that shit today!

FYI: Album signing Today @ 4pm @ the Best Buy in Soho.


Jonathan said...
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Anonymous said...

It's a great cop if you've never really listened to them before too!