Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What makes a good friend ?

This topic came up twice today. Once with my college friend and then of course Diddy brought it up on Twitter. 140 characters was not enough. There are so many reasons some of my friends are my FRIENDS (as in not phony) :

A friend cries on the phone with you after a drunk night.
A friend lets you cry at a strip club and does not feel embarrassed.
A friend takes you on tour with her and her band.
A friend calls you ASAP from another country when they know you need them.
A friend rocks all of the pieces you have created.
A friend reads your blog and then twitters you to give you her thoughts.
A friend knows what you are passionate about and does not try to be passionate about it just because you are.
A friend let's you talk and talk when you need to talk and talk.
A friend does not judge you for anything you say or do.
A friend lets you know about opportunities when opportunity knocks on their door and they know you'll be great for it.
A friend is ready to take her shoe off and poke the bitch thats trying to fight her best friend's boyfriend.
A friend knows when you are not feeling 100%.
A friend can get into the worst argument with you but gets over it the next day.
A friend does not flirt with someone you're dating.
A friend can laugh an eternity with you at some of the events that have occurred while being in the company of each other.
A friend does not have to find the need to flirt with you or try anything while you're sleeping next to him.
A friend lets you be honest with them , even if the truth hurts.
A friend lets you have 7 shots of Patron or 5 margaritas when your heart is broken and then holds your hair back when you get sick.
A friend puts you on check .
A friend makes you believe a teeny bit that there is real love out there even if you swear up and down that there isnt.
A friend Calls up to see how you are doing.
A friend is still your friend no matter what kind of history lies between you two.

PHEW . There is so much more I could write, but it's time for bed. Before I go I would like to just say that I love the handful of people that are really my friends soooooooooooooo much it's crazy. I seriously believe you guys and gals were put in my life to make life a little more enjoyable while we all rise to the top and reach for the stars. DUH, You know who you are, I tell you I love you all the time! :o) someone pass me a tissue.

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