Friday, March 6, 2009

Girl , You need to read this now !

I had to share because it's actually the point I have been trying to get across to some women out there (as found on Global Grind) :

Hey ya'll!

This is ya girl LeToya Luckett checkin in for the first time on my global grind page. I know it's been awhile since you heard anything from me, but the wait is over!!! Thank God! :o)

My 1st single "Not Anymore" has already been released & I just finished up the video with director Bryan Barber. I had so much fun doing this video because Bryan let me tap into my acting side.

The video was based on a tour that took place around the 60's. Back then promoters had no problem packing all there acts on one bus, & that of course left plenty of room for drama!! My characters name was Dorthy Cambelle "Dot" for short. Dot had been in this wack relationship with this guy named "Spider" played by Lance Gross (House of Payne).He was a hot mess of a boyfriend & Dot knew she deserved better , but never had the strength to leave. Well eventually Spider crossed the forbidden
line & was messing around with one of the back up singers in Dot's band. Well that did it for Dot & she knew it was time to let this lame go!

Well I definetly can relate to Dot on so many levels.
Why do we choose to stay in wack relationships when we know we deserve better? Is it the whole comfort thing or maybe low self esteem? Could it be that we would rather stay with an idiot than to face the "A" word?

Why are we so afraid of being alone??

Well I have to admit.....for someone who use to have that fear i've been single for awhile now &
I must say it ain't that bad!!! I love getting know me & discovering who the hell I am.

When your in love u tend to get so caught up in the other person that u loose yourself. When u fall hard it's a wrap. U put yourself second trying to satisfy them. Not cool!

Before getting into a new relationship we gotta know who we are, what we want, & what lines can't be cross & stick to it!!!!

God has to come 1st in every decision u make. Trust me he will save u from getting into a lot of crazy situations. Let him be in the driver seat of your life.

For all of my fellow single ladies!!!!! While God is preparing our husbands, The man that he has hand made specifically for us. Let's take this time to be "Married to Jesus". I was reading my " Woman Thou Art Lossed Bible" (written by: TD Jakes) the other day(a must read) & I came across this poem called "Married to Jesus". It changed my whole thought process. It goes on to talk about having that relationship with God 1st before getting into a relationship with a man. That is truly important.

Well I'm about to pack to start my promo tour, but I wanted to check in with ya'll first. If you ever get around to reading some of the inserts in that bible I would love to hear your thoughts.

Hope to hear from u soon!!!

Toya :o)

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