Saturday, August 23, 2008

Reality Check : Exiled

FINALLY , these monsters are getting a reality check ! Starting on Monday August 25th at 10:30pm eastern time, MTV will present it's new series, Exiled . MTV will be sending the Super sweet 16 brats individually to third world countries such as India , Peru and Africa to experience life without the luxuries they were raised with. I doubt they will change , being that they will return to their luxurious living . I would have actually preferred them staying with a indigent family , right here in the United States. There are enough families living in poverty, there is no need to go over seas. I would also like to suggest a Super sweet 16 in the hood ... a normal sweet sixteen reality show, where the parent's actually struggle to make this event a memorable and meaningful event and not something to brag about.


tommy said...

good idea. + i hate those sweet 16brats, specially LA Reid's son, what a bitch that kid was! send him to new orleans, gary indiana, or baltimore for a while.

Mel said...

Personally, I think all the Sweet 16 parents need a good spanking. I agree with your idea for a "real" version of My Super Sweet 16, where good kids are rewarded for being outstanding members in their community. This show has also become a competition for both the spoiled rotten teens and clueless parents. It is sending the wrong message, and I think they only reality check for these kids would be to lose all their money.