Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Peace, Joy and good waxing to all. . .

My last waxing experience was abysmal , ripped skin and everything . I swore I was not going to wax again . Who was I kidding ? Not waxing is not a good look or a good feeling...at all and shaving just raises the chances of ingrown hairs . Everything changed once Boom Boom arrived in my life. I booked an appointment through lifebooker. Life booker is this cool site that gives you the best deals on anything related to spa, beauty, health and fitness. Yes there are deals for men as well for waxing , mani's and pedi's :hint, hint:. Through Lifebooker you are able to set up your appointments. I set up my waxing appointment at Boom Boom Beauty Bar . Boom Boom is located at 35 7th ave between 12th and 13th they also have a location in Santa Rosa, California for my West Coast peeps.

Boom Boom is the place you would want to be in when prepping for a party, and of course everyday is a party . The music playing keeps your mind off the pain of waxing. The staff is awesome and naturally fit the environment. One of my favorite thing is the no double dipping in the wax aka ... no pubes in the wax. Services include the following:
Uptown (above the fabulous belt) waxing
Downtown ( below the fabulous belt ) waxing
Trip to brazil waxing
Bermuda Triangle waxing
Skinny Dipper waxing
Make up
For the boys: Back , Crack and Sack .

Book your appointment on Lifebooker before August 31st for 50% under the belt waxing . Also 1% of all services are donated to UNICEF.
images taken from the Boom Boom Beauty Bar Website


Thomas said...

cool site! Thanks for for the tip :)

Angela said...

I've actually been there before - the woman who owns the place is so sweet. When you walk out, you feel like a million bucks...

BuzyGurl said...

I Second that ... Loves it!