Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Healer and the Crack head

After waxing I walked around 14th to do a little shopping. I walked out of Urban Outfitters and there was a very doped up man bent over and sleeping , of course he was standing up. I wanted to take a photograph so badly but someone came and woke him up. That was the end of that show... I kept walking , and I kid you not when I say I walked half a block and came upon another dope head. This time it was a woman. Two ladies that obviously did not understand that dope heads never fall once they fall asleep, were holding her to prevent her from falling.
I just stood there and watched all of this. You know, what I love about the city is that things happen randomly and you just have to be there paying attention while it happens or you will miss it. My friends always wonder why I always see the good stuff . I guess it's becuase I take all of New York in, outfits, food, crazos , and all.
The girls decided to call an ambulance because the lady was not responding , she was just knocked out standing up . Two minutes later a young man comes with a sign "Spiritual Healer ." He stops in front of the lady and starts doing some hand movement . DUDE , she snapped out of it, grabbed her bag and walked away. I just went into nervous laughing mode and went on my merry way. I still don't believe that happened . What do you think about spiritual healing ?Have you seen it in action or could I just be buggin'?

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