Friday, January 21, 2011

If you believe yourself unfortunate, because you have loved and lost,  perish the thought. One who has loved truly, can never lose entirely. Love is whimsical and temperamental. It comes when it pleases and goes away without warning. Accept and enjoy it while it remains, but spend no time worrying about it's departure. Worry will never bring it back. 
Dismiss, also, the thought that love never comes but once. Love may come and go, times without number, but there are no two love experiences which affect one in just the same way. There may be, and there usually is, one love experience which leaves a deeper imprint on the heart than all others, but all love experiences are beneficial, except to the person who becomes resentful and cynical when love makes its departure. 
There should be no disappointment over love, and there will be none if people understood the difference between the emotions of love and sex. The major difference is that love is spiritual, while sex is biological. no experience, which touches the human heart with a spiritual force, can possibly be harmful, except through ignorance or jealousy. 
Love is without question, life's greatest experience. It brings one into communion with Infinite Intelligence. When mixed with the emotions of romance and sex, it may lead one far up the ladder of creative effort. The emotions of love, sex and romance are sides of the eternal triangle of achievement -building genius. 
- Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich 

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