Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy February !

I am glad to announce that Endless Noise has been picked up at my friends Gady's store in Rye, New York.  You can now get some Endless Noise at The European Boutique if you are in the area. This is just the beginning . I am looking to get into more stores before I launch my next collection that I will be making a big deal of. If you know of any cute boutiques in your neighborhood, where you think Endless Noise will be a hit, feel free to leave a comment below or just email me at info@endlessnoisenyc.com. 
On another note I would like to say that I will be posting up more You Tube videos. I feel like it is another outlet to get Endless Noise out there. I have a great line , and I want the world to see it and own some pieces. Below is the video of The European Boutique. 

If you are reading this blog right now , I would love to ask you to do me a favor. Fan me on Facebook, Follow me on Twitter,  Subscribe to my newsletter, Blog and You Tube Channel. Let everyone you know to check Endless Noise out and do the same. I am not asking you to make this your full time job, but I do know that a little word of mouth goes a long way. :0)

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