Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Recession Proof business

I have been very interested in businesses that are doing well during this recession because they inspire me to run wild with mine so that I too can do well. This story in particular blew my mind. This 27 year old guy, Jason Sandler from Jacksonville, Florida lost his job and thought of the most creative way to make money. He decided to become a walking advertisement.
He started on January 1st of this year charging $1 to wear a T-shirt with a logo on it and everyday after he added $1 more to the fee. All he does is wear the shirt, take a picture of it, sends it to his friends via email and vlogs about the company on his blog. Jason will be making about $84,000 this year just to wear T-shirts with logos on them. Geeez, Talk about saving money, with 365 t-shirts in your closet given to you for free, why even think of buying any?
Next year Jason plans on bringing a 2nd person on to the team starting out with $2 on January 1st and adding $2 dollars to everyday after.

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