Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Once Again..

My intuition had to know that there was always something wrong with trying out for America's next top model .Side Note: I'm watching re-runs as I type. I have been really close to trying out about three times and I just never went through with it. I try to go through with everything that comes across my mind. When I don't , there is always a reason as to why . So according to multiple sources, The second casting after the chaos was total bullshit (excuse my language). They had already picked the finalist. Here is a preview of the article:
So Tyra Banks has somehow sold the dream that you can be anything you want to be — even if you want to be a model, weren't born looking like one, and there's nothing you can do about that. Yet she rejects thousands who believe her — making them feel terrible about themselves — while she plucks girls who actually have a shot at making it from the street like most model scouts. And what's worse, she doesn't even go to the auditions to spout off about girl power. We wish we could suggest that meant she has realized she's a walking contradiction, but she's just too, too dense.

To check out the entire article ,CLICK HERE.

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