Monday, April 13, 2009

Buzy Gurl Diaries ...

Happy late Easter ya'll. I must say this weekend has had it's ups and downs, but that is life, right ? Friday I was feeling very creative and headed out to the fashion district to get more supplies for Endless Noise. I must say I have been making progress with this line. I would have never thought that in 2009, I would have people going crazy for pieces created by me. Life just keeps taking unexpected turns and I appreciate them all , good or bad because it makes me who I am and takes me where I want to be.
It's amazing to walk around the city doing something I am passionate about. It makes the days seem brighter even when they are gloomy such as it was on Friday. I walked around the Fashion district with no worries, just letting my creativity lead the way. I purchased some really great stuff and got right back into the subway. I heard salsa music and had to stop to record :

Untitled from buzygurl on Vimeo.
I got home and got right to work . Here is the magnificent piece created on Friday night:
Awesome right? I wore it out the same night and the response was great. Saturday was another chill day, I worked on fulfilling orders all day and then headed out to Jersey with Girlz Talk for their performance.

Today I woke up extremely tired but I was happy to see my family especially a couple of little ones that I have not seen in about two months. It's tough to keep up with everyone when you are trying to reach for the stars, but you always have to remember that family comes first and you should take the time out to spend with them.

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