Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Those of you who follow me on Twitter witnessed how upset I was last night. I was headed to Mr. West , happy to party for one of my boys B-days. I got out of the cab and walked towards the front. The guy at the door was turning people away. I stood back to let him finish what he had to say to them. He was saying that it was a private event. Confused, I stepped back to contact one of my friends. I thought they probably changed the venue they were holding the get together in. As I was about to pull my phone out my friend appeared at the door. I walked towards him. The door man immediately mentioned "They are not getting in." I became even more confused. At this time there is a girl standing in front of me. He tells my friend loudly, in front of other people ," She's fresh, but they are not." The girl and I had the same kind of outfit on. Black leggings, black leather jacket and pumps. The only difference was that she had a sprouse on her arm and I had a vintage clutch in my hand. I stood even more confused. The girls that were with me were of taste also.
After standing outside waiting for my friend to try to get us in , another friend of mine came to get us. As we were walking towards him the door guy said "Make sure they don't get in through the other door," with an even louder tone. This is when I decided to leave because I was furious.
WHO THE FUCK did he think he was. I have gone into Mr. West so many times. I have even gone in my flat boots and jeans. This time I was dressed. I am not an ugly girl and I NEVER get turned away at any door. I am not a groupie, those that know me and chill with me know that I just go out to hang out with my friends. I could care less about who else is there and who is not. AND i do not sneak in though back doors. ITS NOT THAT SERIOUS. The dude really embarrassed me and made me feel like shit. Not so many people would admit to feeling like shit after an incident like this, but I will admit it. I felt as if there was something wrong with me.
It was like dude was going on a power trip , you just work the damn door, calm the fuck down. It's disgusting how there are people in the world like him. I understand the night life really well, and I understand how they prefer attractive people. Like I said. I am not ugly, I was not in my Pj's , I wasn't even wearing jeans, I was decent or shall I say "fresh". I may have not been wearing a sprouse, but it was not because I can't afford one, I do own expensive bags. I just choose not to wear Louis V. like everyone else does. I just happen to be a Marc Jacobs, Rebecca Minkoff and Rachael Nasvik kind of lady.
I know you are probably asking yourself "why doesn't she let it go?". I wish I could let it go , but I still woke up mad this morning because I am still confused as to why I was not let in. I was disrespected and treated like a piece of scum. I treat people with respect and I demand to be treated the same. After my rant on twitter I received a good amount of replies. People knew exactly who I was talking about. Some were even saying that dude is racist, others don't want to step foot into Mr. West. Thanks to the idiot at the door the reputation of Mr. West is not so great anymore...


John Marshall said...

i'll let 'knocked up' speak for me -
"I'm not gonna go to the end of the fucking line, who the fuck are you? I have just as much of a right to be here as any of these little skanky girls. What, am I not skanky enough for you, you want me to hike up my fucking skirt? What the fuck is your problem? I'm not going anywhere, you're just some roided out freak with a fucking clipboard. And your stupid little fucking rope! You know what, you may have power now but you are not god. You're a doorman, okay. You're a doorman, doorman, doorman, doorman, doorman, so... Fuck You! You fucking fag with your fucking little faggy gloves."


BuzyGurl said...

The fucked up thing was that these other girls (also pretty) who did not get in were asking us if they should show some breast.

John Marshall said...

smh...this is why i stay home and drink or maaaybe go out to a bar. clubs make me sick.

house party??? its about time for one

Marlyn said...

I am not crazy about clubs either just because to me they are just overrated.....but then i think i am just getting older now!! lol I think we should def do a house party!!!!! Lets do it!!!!! let me know when!

BuzyGurl said...

House parties are great but I use the night life to network, chill with friends and to meet new people. This won't stop me from going out , but it did stop me from stepping foot in Mr. West.

Stella said...

Girl, first of all, good for you for admitting your real emotions and letting it be known that it got to you, no matter how silly your head knows it is.
Next, don't take it personal. Don't get it all in your head. You're better than that.

Shola A. said...

I read the blog! & I knoooooooooooowwww exactly what you mean & how you feel.

These bouncers are disgutsed & don't have any clue to class....they're door men who think b/c they have a little "authority" they can do & say whatever they want. They really don't have any authority at all. If it weren't for the patrons they wouldn't even be getting a paycheck!

My only suggestion is that you speak to execs of these clubs & promoters to replace these bafoons or else you will start boycotting these places. The whole purpose of people going out is to enjoy themselves, not to be put down & harassed!!!

United we stand Divide we fall!!