Thursday, October 6, 2011

RIP Steve Jobs

Because of you , learning to read and spell was made fun in grade school, Reading Rabbit for Macintosh was my favorite game to play during computer class. In H.S. when I was introduced to PC's, I still stood loyal to Macintosh at home. I found PC's to be so blah, everything about the Macintosh was just colorful and fun. In college my ibook made me feel chic in every way. It went perfect with my dorm decor and it just looked great sitting on a table at the library as I typed endless amounts of papers while on ichat. My itunes and ipod  helped me dance my way through college. After college my itouch made train rides to work go by faster. Now through my Macbook I blog and let the world wide web know about myself and my jewelry line. Thank you Steve Jobs.

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