Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Good , The Bad and The Ugly ...

I am deeply saddened by the tragic event that has happened on the island I was born in: Hispañola. For those of you who do not know, Hispañola is the island between Cuba and Puerto Rico that is comprised of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. The Earthquake in Haiti has caused an extreme amount of casualties, which are currently unknown. There are thousands of people in the streets without homes, food or water. Basically "less than nothing." Many are missing. I can honestly tell you that I have not stopped thinking of our Haitian neighbors. I can not be at peace knowing that there are large amounts of people suffering. There have been times today where I have had to tell myself "yup, this really just happened," because I am still in disbelief. Then I would sit back and take it all in all over again.
While taking all of this in I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. The good thing is that the world is coming together for a good cause. I always mention what a cruel world it is and how I would love peace on earth one day. Peace on earth will not be able to happen without us coming together. I was filled with a little happiness when my dad was watching the Dominican news channel and the man speaking said, "we have to do something for our Haitian brothers and sisters!"Why did this make me happy? Months ago when I was in DR I saw first hand how Haitians were treated. I wasn't too happy about it. Most of the places I saw them in, they were either maids homeless or doing some other type of dirty work Dominicans felt they were too good to do. I had family tell me to "get out of the sun before you start looking like a Haitian" causing a heated conversation to remind them that OUR grandfather and half of our family is dark skin. I was even snapped on for hanging out with a cool Haitian dude that worked at the hotel we stayed at for the weekend. (sidenote: I will keep him and his family in my prayers) For me to hear that my country was helping the Haitians was a sigh of relief. I was honestly worried that nothing was going to be done.
The way we came together through social networks was amazing. I keep telling those anti-social network people that being part of a social network isn't a joke. You learn a lot and are able to do a lot because of these sites. We were able to donate $5 to Yele (Wyclef's earthquake fund), find sites to take food, clothing and medical supplies to, and even making sure that our loved ones were safe. Like @MartineATF , co-founder of All that's Fab. Had no idea she was in Heidi, but found out through twitter that her friends were worried and that eventually she was ok :o). ( you can follow Martine's personal blog HERE)

The bad and the ugly surprised the hell out of me. RACISM . Well call me naive, especially seeing the unexpected coming together. The first encounter totally blew my mind. I haven't felt this pissed off since ... since ... I don't even know. I was so pissed off ,I had violent thoughts, and those that know me KNOW that I am not a violent person. So these posts were taken off twitter. Please be aware that they are very disturbing and may cause you to react in a violent manner... BUT we're much better than that .. aren't we?

@ mollymshephard i wish youd stop hating on me @mariasoliz and @bbnansee we are good Christian women who know when god is sending black hate lol

@mollymshephard Seriously black people disgust me. why would i help haiti now? they deserve it for all you monkeys do to white america.

@ BBNanSEE I wish George Bush was still president, he'd know how to handle Haiti the right way...ignore it! <333>

There's a bunch where that came from... all I'm saying is that karma is a bitch and these little girls do not know what is coming at them ... let's pray that it's not as horrid as we secretly wish it was. The sad thing is that they were looking to get more "followers" and got more "followers" PEOPLE why support this behavior?
smh... im done thinking about this ... but before I leave here is something for you to see:

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