Thursday, February 26, 2009

random thought on the road :

He didn't want to be with me because I never gave him butterflies (yes he said that ) . I was in love with him and never had butterflies. Did I really love him ? Does that feeling really happen? Do people really get butterflies when they're in love ? If he didn't have butterflies why the hell does he still look at me that way when I randomly run into him? I'm starting to think that it does not exist and that I will never feel those "butterflies".and that's that for my random thought on the road. - just made myself want to barf.

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Mel said...

What a horrible cliche! Who were you dating, Mariah Carey? He is using that expression all wrong. First of all, you get "butterflies" when you're nervous, not in love, lust or like. Love can make a person anxious, but never nervous (unless you're late with your period, and don't know who the baby-daddy is). Second, if a person uses cliches to express how he/she feels, run! Most likely, this person is also using tacky pick-up lines like, "Heaven must be missing an angel," and, "Girl, your feet must be tired...'cause you've been running through my mind all day." Third, watch He's Just Not That Into You. It will make you feel better. :-)