Thursday, July 7, 2011

5 favorite links this week

I was able to sit down after the Holiday and do some browsing on the Web. I came across some interesting stuff that I wanted share. Here is the list , enjoy!

  • As you know it has been 10 years since Alicia Keys put out her first album, Songs of a minor.Most of us have fallen in love with her and her music since day one. One of  my good friends Georgette Cline, had the amazing opportunity to interview the fabulous Alicia Keys in person!
  • I have been watching YouTube fashion and beauty videos. One girl I have been watching from the beginning and who always keeps me paying attention (because I do tend to get distracted a lot) has been Dulce Candy . Yes. That is her real name, and she is not a stripper! Dulce is in the American Army and has just become a new mommy. Going on to her blog this week has motivated me to get back on my game (I am going to admit that I have been slippin' ). While keeping family first, Dulce has been climbing up that ladder of success like never before within the last few months.
  • Another one of my good friends, Heavy Hitter Laura Stylez has joined the Hot 97 family. You can now log on to her blog, The Hip Hop News to stay up to date on the latest. You can also see Laura wearing the Endless Noise NYC Sforsand Necklace on the Fashion Camera at Hot 97's Summer Jam.
  • How many of you are very attached to your cell phones, i pads, laptops, etc? I know I am definately attached to my cell phone , constantly having it in my hand. I have been trying to get into the habit of putting it away for a couple of hours at a time. Why do I always have to be within the reach of others? That is the point some hotels are making! Some hotels are offering discounts or freebies if you check in your electronic devices as soon as you check into the hotel so that you can get the FULL relaxation instead of the partial relaxation you get when you have your cell phone at hand. 
  • And because I looooooove Chanel

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