Friday, March 5, 2010

Dear Notebook

I have not been myself lately. Just been wondering why somethings happen for me and other things don't. Like for example , that famous thing called Love that magnificent people like me never seem to have the opportunity to experience. Went away for the weekend , only to come back feeling worse. Been in bed for 3 days since then . Today was the first time I saw the sun face to face because I had to go move the car. I have been making progress since yesterday and actually got some important things done from the comfort of my bed. I took the initiative to get out of the house. Of course the sun was down by then and it was to indulge in two new addictions... Target and stop and shop.
Right now I have moved from the bed and on to my desk. I have the radio blasting because music lifts my spirits. I pulled out a folder of inspirational articles I have been saving for years because I knew the day would come when I would want to read them. Today is that day. I have a business to run, I have a world to change and I can not afford to let something so little to hold me back from the other things I am supposed to have. I must keep moving forward because this like everything else ... will pass.


Ms. Tejada II said...

It's funny how when we get in these moods all we want to do is stay in bed...but we still handle our business even if it's in front of a lap bed...just remember what Buddha says "Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most." :-)

Mel said...

Just like the seasons, people go through these changes. It's important to always remain busy when life throws you a curve ball. Distractions are not going to make these feelings go away, but it sure does help to focus on the good things life has to offer. After all, your name is "buzy".