Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's not the Hip-Hop we grew up with ...

Back in the day the only time I was able to hear any kind of Hip-Hop was by sitting at my window or playing outside in the streets. The only Hip-Hop song allowed to be played in my house until I was in middle school was "It Takes Two" by Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock because my Dad got me the single. My parents did not really understand the words but their friends sure did and would share their feelings against Hip Hop with them.
Hey! Young World brings Hip Hop to another level. It's Hip Hop for children. The concept was born out of necessity to offer children positive Hip-Hop music. After the completion of the first CD entitled "True Friendship," it was obvious that it was like no other CD. Instead of the CD being a collection of 10 children songs based on different stories, the CD tells one story using 10 songs.
The main focus of the HYW writers and producers is to address key issues that children deal with and can relate to with a strong emphasis on conflict resolution. Along with each CD you can purchase the storybook to read along with the CD. The story book was necessary for each volume to allow them to elaborate on the moral and lesson of the stories.
Future plans for HYW include to combine great music and stories in expanding their volumes of CD's and books, as well as holiday installments. Fans can also look forward to a continuous output of fun and stimulating coloring and activity books, while ultimately looking forward towards a HYW cartoon series.
The number one goal for any parent is to create a world where their children feel safe, happy, and confident; to know that they are special and unique and also offer them the best of the world morally, emotionally and intellectually. HYW is committed to the exact same goal. I definately think it's a great Holiday gift. You can purchase CD's and books by clicking HERE !

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